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Mucho Burrito owners benefit from comprehensive and ongoing support

Every Mucho Burrito franchise owner receives comprehensive online, classroom and in-restaurant training before opening their stores. And Mucho Burrito University is just the beginning. From ongoing training to marketing and advertising support, an engaged and enthusiastic corporate team stands ready to help and lend support.

Onboarding and training

“We make sure every franchise owner gets a strong combination of theory and practice when it comes to preparing to open their Mucho Burrito location,” says John Delutis, Brand President. “There is online and classroom training while the buildout of their restaurant is under way, and then they will spend time in another Mucho Burrito franchise location. Franchise owners will train just like any new employee, so they will learn every aspect of prep work, cooking, customer service and more.”

“The goal,” Delutis says, “is to have franchise owners comfortable and ready when their grand opening takes place, and then they tap into a broader array of ongoing support to continue growing and developing their business.”

Opening and ongoing support

Every Mucho Burrito franchise opens with a corporate support team, a field training manager and a Regional Director of Operations (RDO). The field training manager helps set up the restaurant and train staff, while the business development consultant is available for those early days and also on an ongoing basis to provide support as the business grows and develops.

That includes in-restaurant evaluations, business training and coaching classes, and plenty of helpful feedback, says Jon Valdemar, Business Development Consultant.

“A lot of our franchisees are new to food service, and I have 30-plus years of restaurant experience,” Valdemar says. “When someone calls and asks ‘What do I do?’ or ‘Can you help me with this?’ I can point them in the right direction. That lets me act as a liaison between our corporate team and our franchise owners.”

That means building a strong relationship, something Valdemar says he is eager to do. “I’m available most any time,” he says. “My phone is my lifeline. When I build a relationship with a franchisee, I want to earn their respect. I prepare them well so they can have the tools to be successful in operating their business.”

The corporate team is actively engaged with franchise owners, as well, creating multiple opportunities to gather feedback and learn what’s happening all across the Mucho Burrito franchise network.

“The Regional Director of Operations will visit them regularly” says Delutis. “We also have an email update every Monday, with updates for the brand, as well as our online learning hub where we post a lot of information and training modules. It’s important that we listen to our franchisees, to their concerns — and that we address them. Communication and information-sharing is always a two-way process at Mucho Burrito.”

Marketing and advertising support

Marketing and advertising are key elements in the run-up to opening and throughout the life of a Mucho Burrito franchise. That means everything from emails to loyalty club members to a comprehensive marketing strategy built around social media campaigns and more, says Norm Pickering, Senior Director of Marketing.

“We spend some time with new franchise owners talking to them about their local business, about how they need to be engaged in their community,” Pickering says. “We take them through the brand and work with them to help them understand how to drive business and sales in their community.”

Mucho Burrito franchisees have access to a full gamut of marketing techniques. The media mix is much more fragmented than it’s ever been. Legacy mediums such as print are partnered with online, mobile and e-commerce platforms, and it’s all tracked to maximize impact and brand awareness. And in an era of instant online reviews, special attention is paid to reputation management.

“We listen to what people are saying to us across all social media platforms. Guests want to hear back from franchise owners, so we encourage owners to engage with them in real time as much as possible. We’ll train the franchisee, and we’ve come up with some example responses that will allow them to engage in this type of relationship marketing so that they’re upholding the brand values and the brand promise, but at the same time having a personal connection with that individual guest online through our social platforms,” Pickering explains.

Bring a new Mexican food franchise to your community today

A Mucho Burrito franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity offering high growth potential. Join this dynamic brand as it enters the United States in 2019. Start-up costs range from $425,000 – $845,500, depending on the model you choose. We have been expanding in Canada since 2006, thanks to a business model built for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing a reimagined, fun and flavorful Mexican food experience to their communities.

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