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Dynamic and growing Mexican-inspired brand is expanding from Canada into the United States

Can a burrito be gourmet cuisine? Can Mexican-Inspired be more than just burritos? Absolutely, and Mucho Burrito has been proving it since 2006 with a thriving franchise network of more than 150 locations all across Canada. Now American entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create buzz and be the first to market in their communities with Mucho Burrito’s authentic, Mexican-inspired cuisine.

There’s nothing like the Mucho Burrito franchise concept in the United States. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs already are recognizing the appeal this fresh, dynamic concept offers, so don’t miss out on the chance to be in on the first wave of franchise locations.

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Authenticity and innovation create dynamic, evolving menu

Commitment to in-house, daily ingredient prep underscores brand quality

What’s the primary reason customers flock to Mucho Burrito? The freshest food. Today’s consumers, particularly millennials, place a high premium on a dining experience that’s fun and Instagrammable, and also one where their meal is prepared to order in front of them vs. served from an unseen kitchen or left to dry out under heat lamps or stew on steam tables.

At a Mucho Burrito franchise, guests choose from tender beef and chicken, grilled or cooked in its own juices, made-daily salsa and guacamole, fresh vegetables and so much more. Before they’re through building their entrée, they’ve already identified other dishes and ingredients they want to try, setting the stage for repeat visits, great word of mouth and brand loyalty. And with take-home kits and catering options, franchise owners have the opportunity to build additional income streams.

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What does it cost to own a Mucho Burrito franchise?

Mucho Burrito is an extremely affordable franchise opportunity, with the added bonus of being an entirely new brand for the U.S. market. Here’s an overview of what’s needed to get started:

  • Liquid Capital Required: $120,000
  • Net Worth Required: $350,000
  • Total Investment: $425,000 - $815,500
  • Franchise Fee: $30,000
  • Financing Assistance: Available, via third party

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to talk to someone about owning a Mucho Burrito franchise Call 866-452-4252

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