Media Coverage Builds Brand Awareness For Mucho Burrito Franchise Owners

New menu items popping up in blogs and food columns means heightened brand awareness, increased foot traffic and strong revenue

chips and salsa from mucho burrito franchise

When a Mucho Burrito® Mexican food franchise makes a menu change, it’s a big deal — and at the same time, completely routine. And that’s why food bloggers and other online trackers keep this brand squarely in their sights.

In addition to its lengthy list of guest favorites, Mucho Burrito’s menu also features a series of rotating signature bowls, sauces, garnishes and toppings. These rotate out seasonally, adding new flavors and options that intrigue guests and create interest. And because these are limited-time options, consumers know they need to visit sooner rather than later, which drives traffic and boosts revenue right away.

New choices = more return visits

“No matter how much consumers love a brand, if they know that the menu never changes they are only going to visit when they want something specific,” says John Delutis, Canadian Brand President. “At Mucho Burrito, they know that something new is popping up all the time. The menu is never static, which spurs more frequent repeat visits.”

“Those returning guests also often bring someone new to the Mucho Burrito Mexican cuisine franchise experience along with them. That’s because the quality and variety offered by Mucho Burrito quickly and easily turns consumers into brand ambassadors,” Delutis adds.

Social media presence grows business

“Mucho Burrito’s food is not just fresh and flavorful, it’s colorful,” he says. “People snap photos and post to their social media. That ties in nicely to online campaigns that the brand runs for its loyalty programs, as well as overall content that lets followers know what Mucho Burrito is all about, as well as exciting new additions to our menu. Social media plays a huge role in this brand, and the corporate public relations and marketing teams work very closely with franchise owners so they can maximize their local online presence and build business.”

A Mucho Burrito franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity offering high growth potential. Join this dynamic brand as it enters the United States in 2019. Startup costs range from $268,260 to $630,500, depending on the model you choose. Since 2006, we have been expanding in the Canadian and UK markets thanks to a business model built for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing a reimagined, fun and flavorful Mexican food experience to their communities.

Bring a new and unique Mexican food franchise to your community today

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